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Wine Tasting Theme Party

Or How to Host a Wine Tasting Theme Party at Home

A wine tasting theme party will be festive and fun for any type of celebration, whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or even a bridal shower.

With the popularity today of wine being the beverage most often chosen with dinner and at parties, why not have a party that makes wine the main event. It brings everyone together and it also gives you an opportunity to try new wines and share some of your favorites with everyone.

Let's Get the Planning Started!

Selecting a theme for your wine tasting party is the first decision you should make. This will set the stage. From this point you can then decide on the food you will serve. The food selection can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose, it really depends on the atmosphere you want to set for the party.

I've listed some items to take into consideration which will make the party planning simple for your theme party. Once you decide on the theme you are ready to set a date and send the invitations.

Theme Suggestions

The theme party idea you select will set the tone for the atmosphere. The ideas we suggest will give you a head start to make your party planning easy.

These suggestions are meant to be very flexible. You can mix and match any of the ideas to create your own special signature theme party.

Potluck Theme

As the name suggests, your guests will bring a "dish" or an item (i.e., a bottle of wine, or a snack or appetizer of choice). There is a sense of camaraderie with this theme as it keeps everyone involved in the fun.

Suggested Items for Potluck Theme

    1 bottle of red wine*
    1 bottle of white wine*
    1 bottle of dessert wine
    1 bottle of sparkling wine
    1 soft style cheese platter
    1 hard style cheese platter
*Increase the number of bottles of wine based on the number of guests.

Food selection is only as important as you want it to be, but do keep in mind if you are tasting wines it is a good idea to have something to eat.

Simply ask each guest to bring a specific item.

All that is left for you to do is set the table -- put out the glasses for the wine; add a stack of paper cups with a pitcher of water to cleanse the palate; and open a box of plain crackers.

You might just want to prepare a pot of coffee in advance to serve with dessert at the end of the wine tasting. As each guest arrives you will then finish setting the stage with the items they bring in.

It's so easy!

Knowing your guests personally, you can take into consideration their preferences which will put you on the right track for food selection. It's as simple as that.

Favorite Wine Region Theme

Choose the region or country that produces your favorite wines and ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine from that specific area. This can be interesting, especially if you choose a less popular region like Argentina or South Africa. Be adventurous, and have fun tasting new wines.

Your food selections can include a dish that is indigenous to that country. It's a simple task, just go to your local markets. Most markets have an international food section where you can pick up something that is already prepared.

Food Pairing Theme

Ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine with a complementing snack or appetizer. You can be specific and let each guest know if light snacks are o.k., or if you would prefer something a little more substantial such as an appetizer.

Another version to this theme is to ask each guest to bring a specific style of wine to pair with the food selection they will bring. Choosing one of the themes above will make the planning of your wine tasting party easy.

Gather Family and Friends

rose wine with daisies Have an impromptu gathering of your family and friends for a fun evening of wine tasting. You'll have a lot of fun and you might want to start a round robin wine tasting group with each person taking a turn hosting their own wine tasting party.

This is a very popular group event. The round robin dates are set in advance at intervals of once a month or every 6 weeks.

This scheduling in advance ensures that everyone is available and can join in the fun. This is a great way to taste different wines and become familiar with all the characteristics of each wine.

Formal or Informal?

There is one last decision you might want to make. Do you want to have a formal wine tasting or less formal.

Light snacks and/or appetizers with the wine tasting will be less formal than a wine tasting dinner menu.

Also, if you set up a formal wine tasting you would place tasting cards and pencils available on the table for each guest to write down their notes and thoughts about each wine they tasted.

Making notes of each wine is a practice of every professional wine taster. It is a way to keep a log of wines they liked or didn’t like. This is good practice for everyone, whether you are new to wine or a seasoned wine lover.

If an informal event is the plan, you can leave the tasting cards on the table for anyone who would like to make notes. No one should feel intimidated if they do not want to use the cards. Its' really a matter of preference. Just have fun!

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A 750ml. bottle of wine will yield or pour five 5 ounce servings.

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